Welcome to Viir.

The group journeys to the far south to the city of Everfrost, via ship. The Order of Wyrms, to which they belong, has sent them here with one of its most secret and prized possessions, the Dagger of Sethsarian. The dagger is said to be the key that allow them access to an ancient treasure.

Its late afternoon when they arrive. They are supposed to meet with their contact, Elmore, a local woodworker and puzzle maker, shortly after they arrive. A couple members of the group, Guido and Bullseye, set out to meet with the contact while two others seek to setup a base of operations.

Guido and Bullseye find the front of the shop boarded up with fairly new boards. They check the alley and find that the back door has several wooden planks nailed across it. They remove a couple planks and see that the door had previously been damaged, likely from being kicked in. Entering, they find the back room of the shop ransacked and a dried pool of blood on the floor. They leave to meet back with the group.

The two members of the group visit a banker who arranges to show them several shops for rent. They decide on one that has attached living space and make a deal.

The group meets back up and stay the night at their new base. The next morning go back to the woodworking shop and ask around. Several shop owners in the area tell them that Elmore was murdered several weeks back and direct them to the city watch.

Visiting the city watch, they speak to a lieutenant who tells them what he knows. He suspects, but cannot prove that it was the work of one of local smuggling groups that operate in town.

The group thoroughly searches Elmore’s shop. Hidden in leg of a table, they find a rolled up map. The map is a map of the city streets. They also find a journal written in code. Fish tries his luck at code breaking, and is successful after several hours of work.

The journal indicates that Elmore believed he was being watched and followed. He refers to something he calls “The Keyhole,” though gives no mention to its location.

The group determines to lay a trap to attempt to lure Elmore’s killers out. They remove the boards from the front of the shop and mill about the area as if working on reopening the shop. As night falls, several hide on the roof tops as one of the group lights a some candles so they are visible from the outside.

In the evening, they begin to notice that several beggars appear to be taking turns watching the place. Night falls and the group watches the beggars who are watching the shop. They determine there are three and they are more coordinated than normal beggars likely would be.

They make a plan to ambush and one of the group approaches the shop alone and knocks on the door. The person staying on the inside of the shop opens it and pretends to hand them something and then closes the door. The lone person then quickly walks down an alley, hoping he is followed. He is, as two of the beggars follow him down the alley, the third runs off.

The group ambushes the two beggars in the alley, knocking them out. They carry them as if they are passed from a night of hard drinking. They head to one of the abandoned shops that the group had seen earlier the day before.

They wake the men up and interrogate them. The men work for a local smuggler that goes by the name of Black Tom.


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